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Sexual Integrity Creates Greater Joy in Life. It fosters healthy relationships. It will give you freedom.

 I offer online and in person sexual integrity coaching worldwide. I am a specialist in sexual issues, relationship issues, and work with all people in need of coaching.

Relationship Issues

Enhance your relationship with coaching designed to help you thrive with your partner or partners on every level.

Sexual Expression

Everyone finds pleasure in different ways. Some find it in the security of familiar expressions, others with specific sexual interests. Kink and polyamorous friendly coaching.

LGBTQ+ and Straight

This is a powerful place to discover your sexual integrity, regardless of sexual identity. The results bring freedom at every level.


Integrity in relationships, and integrity with yourself. My focus is on helping you live your best life regardless of relationship status.

In-Person and Online

I work with people in my Ft. Lauderdale, FL office, and worldwide online using video conferencing designed for privacy.

Emotional Growth

Have you been depressed, anxious, or angry at a level that is ruining your life? Reach out to me. I can help you discover serenity.

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Dr. Steven Davidson

Sexual Integrity Coach®

I offer coaching, therapy, classes, and training

Steven Davidson, Ph.D.,LCSW

Sexual Integrity

The book by Steven Davidson, Ph.D.,LCSW

Sexual Integrity Coach®

I have over thirty years of experience helping individuals and couples find the courage to be their authentic sexual selves. I have worked with pastors and prostitutes, bored housewives and busy corporate CEOs, gay, straight, male, female, and up and down every gender and sexual identity spectrum. We all want one thing when it comes to sex: the freedom to simply be ourselves. All sexual problems come back to this one theme: the absence of sexual integrity. 

I help clients accept the reality of who they are as sexual beings. 

Don't lean away from your sexual self. Lean into your instincts and desires. For your relationship to flourish, there must be sexual authenticity. A relationship where you cannot be yourself is a relationship built on lies and deception. Perhaps, you think you are being upstanding and moral by repressing your erotic desires. Hypocrisy is the opposite of integrity. Do you want to be judged as honest and transparent or spend the rest of your life pretending to be someone you are not?

When you decide to surrender fear and follow your natural instincts, things start to fall in place. You begin to meet those with whom you will be most sexually compatible. All the other things you want from a relationship will still matter, but now you can also have the fire and passion you thought only existed in romance novels and erotic magazines. If your current relationship can tolerate truth and transparency, the intimacy will be better than ever. If it cannot, what did you really have anyway, and what are the excuses you will make to stay? 

The Promises of Sexual Integrity

By learning the approaches of sexual integrity with Dr. Steven Davidson you will be mastering a new way of living, one that is true to yourself, and true to others around you. The results are amazing!

Pleasure without Guilt

Guilt and shame come from a place of paralysis, and replaces guilt with permission, and shame with acceptance.

Stable Relationships

Far more relationships crash because of sexual secrets than integrity. Learn how to open to your partners, set healthy boundaries, and reclaim your own sexual persona.

The Feeling of Freedom and Acceptance

Freedom is at the root of our deepest spiritual needs and acceptance is the key to this freedom. Acceptance in this sense does not mean we like, endorse, or tolerate bad things, but rather, we embrace the past that brought us to the present no matter how difficult it was, and mover forward from this point with new knowledge.

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The Sexual Integrity Coach®

Steven Davidson, Ph.D.

Dr. Davidson is an experienced therapist and coach, working with people of all ages, and in all stages of life. He helps people discover integrity at the sexual level, being true first to themself, so they can be true to others. Discover how working with Dr. Steven can change your life at every level.

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